Natural Gas: North America’s Energy Future – or Just Hot Air?

The team over at Visual Capitalist have put together a really informative Infographic on natural gas titled “Natural Gas: North America’s Energy Future – or Just Hot Air?“. Overall the infographic is very good, however, they fall short on their comments in regards to the “fracking” process. In the infographic they paste a warning that states:

“Hydrolic fracking is very controversioal process with mounting environmental and and regulatory concerns. Environmental organizations have numerous concerns with air quality, water usage, and wastewater management, methan contamination, microseismic events, and the chemicals used in “fracking”.

Though such a statement is factual in that, yes, environmentals have voiced these concerns. That does not make the statements factual. There are independent experts that contradict these statements. So they become merely opinions with equally impressive professional / expert support.

The one thing that could have been mentioned is that technology improves constantly, and though some of these concerns may have been an issue five years ago they are no longer an issue today or have been de-risked considerably. For example, the solutions or “chemicals” used in the fracking process are now non-toxic and are 99.9% recoverable posing little risk in this part of the process (see Gas Frac Energy Services).

Unfortunately, the environmental arguements have not caught up to recent technology, and have become more political and less factual. There is always room for improvement, and the environmentals that oppose fracking should keep pace with technology so they can keep pressure on companies to always make improvements.


3 responses to “Natural Gas: North America’s Energy Future – or Just Hot Air?

  1. The Environmentalist will always ride in cars and want you to peddle a bike ask John Kerry as he is on the jet using a cell phone, where did the parts from everything he is using come from, and then ask Obama about Dynamic fuels which is owned by TYSON FOODS, SYNTROLEUN AND MANSFIELD making Govt. fuel to sell to tax payers for the US NAVY at a price he dare not say I heard 6 times more a gallon while he cuts the defenses budget but will not make the Senate vote. Now he has turned our great neighbor away to China as a favor for all the money we owe China so no Keystone Pipe line jobs ready to go but we pay China interest on our loan and they get Canada products that we pay for, why does he not bring that up. You go to the gas station and ind out it is 6 times more a gallon will you fill up? The Navy does not have that choice it is shoved down there throat at a great cost, what next chicken emblems on our Navy fleet. WHO do you think all those chicken butchers that work for a multi billion dollar company are going to vote for that is if they know English. Look it up it is public record but the EPA and Obama must not want the people to find out till after the election. I do not care if it is a Dem. or a Rep the Senate needs a leader who follows the law and says we must have a budget, but the White House thinks budgets are when Ben B prints out more money , some day it will have to be paid and they just keep making it worse, he had his chance and not one thing has helped according to his own promises, move on get new idea’s and at least try to vote for a budget, you have to eat more than chicken all the time and now it wlil be eating crow all the time, with out a change of menu.

  2. How many wells aren’t fracked with water? You’re talking about emerging technology, not what’s currently popular. The environmental arguments ARE up to date — most wells are fracked with water and sand.

    • Yes, water is used. But the “toxic mix” that many suggest is not being used and has been replaced by organic formulas that are 99% recoverable.

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