Natural Gas Exports: ‘Whats the Rush?’ Asks Dow

HRN has long recommended that more natural gas be used in the U.S. and Canadian energy mix in order to take advantage of this abundant low cost burning fuel domestically before exporting these benefits overseas to countries that have totally embraced expanded usage of natural gas in transportation and power generation. In the U.S., the abundance of natural gas can play a major role in energy independence or at a minimum reducing the amount of oil imported from OPEC.

Peter Gardett covers the topic in his article “Natural Gas Exports:’What’s the rush?’ Asks Dow. An article worth reading.

Natural Gas Exports: ‘Whats the Rush?’ Asks Dow

The debate over natural gas exports from the US has broken out of the energy sector and begun to raise temperatures across the political spectrum, with a high profile Congressional hearing  this week underlining the stakes at play in a Department of Energy policy decision on the economic standing of natural gas export projects.

Despite being painted as absolutely opposed to exports of domestically produced natural gas and its position as a leader in the manufacturing sector’s opposition to unrestricted approval of export projects, Dow Chemical actually favors exports to free trade partners but is concerned about the impacts of unchecked exports to non free trade countries, the company’s Vice President for Government and Public Affairs Kevin Kolevar told AOL Energy in a recent briefing. Contine to full story.


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