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The EPA’s Fracking Scare

The fracking controversy and debate continues. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal titled The EPA’s Fracking Scare summarizes some points and makes some important observations. The one they fail to mention is that the fracking technology has dramatically improved to address many of the concerns raised. As stated in the article: “By all means take threats to drinking water seriously. But we also need to be sure that regulators aren’t spreading needless fears so they can enhance their own power while pursuing an ideological agenda.”

The EPA’s Fracking Scare

Breaking down the facts in that Wyoming drinking water study.

(Source: The Wall Street Journal) The shale gas boom has been a rare bright spot in the U.S. economy, so much of the country let out a shudder two weeks ago when the Environmental Protection Agency issued a “draft” report that the drilling process of hydraulic fracturing may have contaminated ground water in Pavillion, Wyoming. The good news is that the study is neither definitive nor applicable to the rest of the country.

“When considered together with other lines of evidence, the data indicates likely impact to ground water that can be explained by hydraulic fracking,” said the EPA report, referring to the drilling process that blasts water and chemicals into shale rock to release oil and natural gas. The news caused elation among environmentalists and many in the media who want to shut down fracking.

More than one-third of all natural gas drilling now uses fracking, and that percentage is rising. If the EPA Wyoming study holds up under scrutiny, an industry that employs tens of thousands could be in peril.

But does it stand up? This is the first major study to have detected linkage between fracking and ground-water pollution, and the EPA draft hasn’t been peer reviewed by independent scientific analysts. Critics are already picking apart the study, which Wyoming Governor Matt Mead called “scientifically questionable.”

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